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Three Reasons You Need a Moon Lamp Today

Posted by Flippaholic Goodal on

Ever dream you could go to space and walk on the moon? Or maybe you just like pretty things, or you might be a collector of one-of-a-kind, unique products? Transport yourself to space and rest in the bright glow of the moon with this wonderful Moon Light Lamp.

This photo realistic Moon Light Lamp is a mini reproduction of the brilliant orb in the night sky and is a present-day lava lamp. Try to resist spending countless hours lost in your imagination while looking at this enchanting globe. Once you turn it on it’s hard to stop looking at it and thinking about life outside of this planet.

Listed #1 on Mashable’s “15 best items for those who are obsessed with outer space”, this Moon Light Lamp is the perfect gift for any person. Keep on reading and see the top 3 reasons why you need this Moon Light Lamp.

1. You can Change the Color for Different Moods

Candles are great for setting the mood, however, you only have two options, an enchanting atmosphere and then pitch dark. Decide from a set of different moods with the Moon Light Lamp. The LED light adjusts from a soft white to a yellow, simply by the touch of a hand.

Have the Moon Light Lamp glow a bright yellow when you want to have late night chats and spend hours discussing nothing and tossing the orb around with a loved one. Set the Moon Light Lamp to gentle white anytime you just want to get lost in your ideas and sit in contemplative silence.


2. It Has a USB Charger so You can Take it Anywhere!

Have you ever bought a product you were super excited to use, only to turn it on and discover nothing happen? You then start to read the box or directions and find words in small print that read, “Batteries not included”. Well, not with this Moon Light Lamp!

Charged with a USB, you don’t have to worry about your new Moon Light Lamp shutting down while you show it to your fellow space admiring friends. Charge it any place, any time, and know that this unique product will radiate for many moons!

3. This Moon Light Lamp is a Good Ice-breaker!

Any person you show this Moon Light Lamp too can’t help but fall in love with it. Who isn’t interested in the moon?

This Moon Light Lamp looks great in any room and is enjoyable to people of all ages and backgrounds. It’s bound to initiate a conversation and shoot, maybe it’ll help you find your fellow space mate for life!

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